"Suatu hari aku akan pergi .
Bukan kerana membenci , tapi untuk menjaga hati"



Tiada yang terlambat melainkan mati…
Dan aku pinta kemaafan dari mu..
Agar aku bebas dari lingkaran mu dari mahsyar kelak..

Allah. 😂😂

"When Shaytan doesn’t make you sin - he makes you waste your time."

Sheikh Abdul Bary (via blvcknvy)

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"The moment we love anything more than our creator, that very thing we love more will become the cause of our greatest pain."

Yasmin Mogahed (via islamicrays)

"When you’re angry with your parents, imagine life without them."

Ashzarilamar (via alwanizolkifli)

"The only thing worth doing behind someone’s back is making dua for them."

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I want to tell the world a story..

Tell the stories about the stolen lands and dreams never exiled from memory.Tell the stories of untold violence and inconvenient truths.Tell the stories that stir our spirits and tug us out of ourselves and into the lives of a thousand others.Tell the stories that affirm human joy and dignity as rights – sacrosanct and immitigable. Tell the stories of triumph over tragedy.Tell the stories of love and astounding resonance.Tell the stories that are so much more than the consequence of a catastrophe.Tell the resplendent stories that perpetuate steadfast hope and resistance.

Tell the stories because they matter… they so deeply, richly matter.

Inda sempat ambil family photo, ani pun jadilah… #day2 #handsomeboyAmriWajdi #eid2014